Engineer by day . . .

My name is Eugene Kin Chee Yip and I have First Class Honours in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Auckland (completed 2008, graduated 2009). My life, as it is, revolves around computers and the like and it should be no surprise that digital design is a passion of mine; a creative tool for procrastinating.

It all started out as a curiosity and vigor to create aesthetic pieces of digital art. Sunsets started creeping into my room and I caught them with a camera. I noticed that cards sold at shops didn't have the ones I saw with my imagination so I made my own cards and gave people a snapshot of my imagination. I don't read books but sometimes you need to archive words on the internet so I made a book for someone else to read.

Potential Publishers was a name I gave as the publisher of my first website; a place to share my highschool study notes. Potential Publishers was intended to give my site authenticity.

Where am I?

I was born in Hong Kong but I now live in Auckland, New Zealand. You can find more information about me here:

You may contact me by sending an email to